photo 1I have very nice things said to me on a regular basis.  Winnipegers have been incredible fans of The Amazing Race Canada and the Tim’s.  In the midst of the craziness that has been my last year I continue to find individuals much like those I discovered recently for whom I need to say some nice things.  The principle of Highbury School, Jordan Falconer, invited me to come speak to his school to wrap up their ‘I love to read’ month and what an incredible event they put on.  Upon entering the school I was greeted by elaborate boards made up in The Amazing Race Canada theme.  There was ‘the mat’, there were flags, maps, clues, speed bumps and t-shirts. I was transported back to the incredible days of running The Race and couldn’t help but think how lucky these kids were to attend this school.  The ingenuity, creativity and passion that was demonstrated by the staff in engaging their students in reading was all but breathtaking.  Here were professionals who not only did their job but presented a passion for learning that deserves celebration.

I was introduced to the assembled school with the thundering theme song of The Race. I did a loop around the room high fiving the k-8 students and launched into a humorous definition of Parkinson’s.  We traveled by story and video back to Calgary, Iqaluit, Cape Spear and Regina.  We talked about Perseverance, doing your best, never giving  up and happiness.  We talked about finding blessing in the midst of hardship.

photoAfter many photo’s and congratulations I was sent on my way with a gift for the Parkinson’s Society of Manitoba and warm thoughts of how The Race has not yet ended for me.  I’m still discovering new treasures, new gifts in the schools, fundraisers and events I have the pleasure of speaking at.

And, most importantly, I’m discovering the unsung hero’s who will never be on television or receive public accolades yet who bravely win at one of the most important ‘races’ in Winnipeg; that of teaching our young ones.

Thanks Mr. Falconer, Rose and all my Hero’s of Highbury!


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