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World Parkinson’s Day 2022 and The Spark

The Spark The Spark is a new international symbol for Parkinson’s awareness It’s the twinkle in your eye, That bounce in your step, A zest for life, The runners high. It’s our voices ringing loud, And a cure for the whole PD crowd. It is the power that connects my...

Rest…It’s More Than Just Doing Nothing

As we focus on this challenge to be active every day in July it is important to realize that rest is more than about doing nothing. It is deliberate. It is you giving yourself the freedom to do what you want with this day with no guilt and no regrets Exercise without...

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Ten Years a Parky

It doesn't seem possible that ten years has passed since I first heard the words 'You have Parkinson's'. In some ways it feels as though little time has passed that it was a mere few months ago. In other ways it feels as though several lifetimes have passed. A lot has...

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So, my wife is gone

So, my wife is gone. She does these retreats every year or two where she finds some quiet place to hole up for a day to two, read, think, plan, rest and I have to believe, take a small break from PD. I hate it when she’s gone. It brings me face to face with things I...

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A Conversation with My Newly Diagnosed Self

      William J Braddock   You’re screwed. Okay, maybe that’s not the way I would start the conversation but it would be very tempting. That is an awfully tough way to start a conversation though. Furthermore, it may not be true for you as a person newly diagnosed...

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My Secret to Success with Parkinson’s

There is a local pizza joint that at one time ran television commercials with the tag line, ‘It’s All About the Sauce’. The claim being that they had the corner on how to make a great pizza and the secret was their sauce. I remember the commercial spots primarily for...

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Coffee with Tim: join Tim weekly on YouTube as he chats about his experience of Parkinson’s, how he continues to persevere and the ups & downs of everyday life. 

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