downloadWe are live in Portland, Oregon at the 4th annual World Parkinson’s Congress! What an incredible opportunity this is for Sheryl and me, along with a number of friends from Winnipeg, to rub shoulders with Parkinson’s fighters from around the globe.

The World Parkinson’s Congress occurs every three years and is a unique conference that brings together the Parkinson’s community from around the world. We are people with Parkinson’s, care partners, clinicians and researchers all under one roof working toward the same goal to #UTurnPD. It is an incredible experience that you will find virtually no where else.

At the opening ceremonies we had the pleasure of hearing from NBA great Brian Grant who was forced out of the game due to Parkinson’s. We heard from Mohamed Ali’s daughter ‘May May’ and were once again inspired by the life of this legend who defied Parkinson’s right to the end and lived his life as ‘the greatest’.

Throughout the opening sessions we have heard speakers from Canada, the USA, UK and The Netherlands discussing topics such as Clinical Features of Parkinson’s, Interdisciplinary Care in Real Practice and So you want knew treatments? How are you helping… just to name a few of a very long list.

img_7396And, of course, there are the many friends we have had the opportunity of reconnecting with and many new friendships being made. We feel so incredibly blessed to be here and have this opportunity to expand our knowledge of Parkinson’s. The camaraderie and support is phenomenal!

I need to say a very special thank you to our friends at The Davis Phinney Foundation and The PWRGym! for hosting our flyers at their exhibitors booths! (Booths 824 and 808 respectively if you are reading this onsite!) Thank you so much!

Even though we are just getting started here in Portland I want you to mark you calendars for June of 2019 when the WPC will be in Kyoto, Japan! You will want to start planning now to join us in Japan!

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Stay tuned for further details on both our experience here in Portland and Kyoto, Japan! Until then keep up the fight to #UTurnPD and….                                                                                                                                                             images

Live Your Best!