In It to Win It!

          The Riverwood Church Community Marriage Event


It was a first for the TimSr franchise in having the opportunity to present with my lovely wife Sheryl!  In front of an excited group of 200+ married folks we had the opportunity to talk about The Amazing Race Canada and the fun times we’ve had as a married couple over the past 28 years.

Sharing stories of team work and non elimination legs we were able to draw comparisons to everyday married life events, for instance, how my following Sheryl’s advice to memorize the Provincial and Territorial flags and flowers before ever embarking on the Race had a huge impact on our win.  The same holds true in our marriages, some times our spouses will have incredible input that will help the team (marriage) thrive!  It’s when we work as a team that things get done well, whether that’s loading a train with coal in Drumheller, or getting the job done at home. Team work rocks the competition!

We shared the fact that it takes effort to be successful and some days requires a whole lot of perseverance i.e. ‘to carry on in a direction even in the face of difficulty with little or no evidence of success’.  There was many a day that our race on The Amazing Race Canada did not look great but we none the less hung in and persevered trusting that our best would be good enough!  In the end our best was enough to get the job done and the same can be said of our relationships!

We so appreciated our friend Pastor Caroline inviting us out for the evening and the wonderful opportunity we had to connect with old friends and make new ones!

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