About Tim

Tim brings a rich mix of attributes and history to his storytelling. Having been born in Texas, Tim was adopted and grew up in the State of Kansas. At the age of 25, Tim and his young wife Sheryl moved to Winnipeg, Canada, setting-out on what has proven to be a truly amazing journey. Tim earned his Registered Nurse designation in 1995 and has cared for many Parkinson’s patients throughout his career. In addition, Tim’s adopted father also had Parkinson’s Disease, which added to the deep understanding and compassion that Tim holds for people living with the disease. Tim is far too well acquainted with Parkinson’s; however, it is this close professional and personal association that brings power and poignancy to his presentations.

“I have watched people die in despair working as a nurse and I have witnessed my father live in victory despite his ongoing suffering with this disease called Parkinson’s. His legacy of determination and courage is what motivates me to both follow in his example and help others ‘Live Your Best’.” – Tim Sr.

Tim was formally diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease in February of 2011 after first noticing a tremor in his left foot during the fall of 2010. The diagnosis came as a shock to an otherwise healthy individual. After a period of initial struggle, Tim got back on his feet continuing to workout and lead a healthy lifestyle. He successfully trained for and ran his first triathlon in the summer of 2011. Since that time, Tim has continued to partner with various organizations to encourage physical activity among people with Parkinson’s. Tim strongly promotes physical activity as it has been shown to have significant positive impacts on the progression of Parkinson’s.

In 2013 Tim and his son Tim Jr. applied for, competed in, and subsequently won the first season of The Amazing Race Canada. This incredible journey has had an indelible impact on Tim’s life. Having been the first person with Parkinson’s to ever run and win The Amazing Race Canada, Tim has been thrust into the spotlight as an advocate for Parkinson’s. This is a role that he has embraced and continues to use to educate and raise resources toward the work of finding a cure and helping individuals living with Parkinson’s to live their best.

Winning The Amazing Race has also created the opportunity for Tim to speak to thousands across Canada and the U.S. encouraging them to ‘Live Your Best’. This message is wrapped in the idea of having the Strength to do your best, the Courage to be content with what your best produces, and the will to Persevere. Tim has shared his message of living and excelling through adversity with small and large audiences from the schoolroom to the boardroom. Tim’s message is personal, powerful and moves beyond the mere ‘fluff’ of the typical motivational speech and teaches how to prevail and overcome life’s struggles…and the will to persevere.

‘In his booked entitled Perseverance, published by Penguin Random House Canada, Tim shares the details of this compelling life story. He goes on to describe how perseverance is a discipline that can be learned and developed. Tim provides practical steps that will help the reader not only survive through difficulty but to thrive. Click here to order your copy of Perseverance.’

Tim has shared his message of living and excelling through difficulty…now in his early 50’s Tim is married to Sheryl and has four children and two grandchildren. He is the Founder and Executive Director of U-Turn Parkinson’s, a registered charity and Wellness Centre for people impacted by Parkinson’s. He continues to speak, advocate and raise awareness for Parkinson’s Disease while based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba.