4thCongressLogoPlan Now To Join Me In Portland September 2016

“The WPC 2016, also known as the 4th world Parkinson Congress is the largest global scientific Parkinson’s event that opens its doors to everyone in the community.

By bringing movement disorder specialists, physicians, scientists, nurses, rehabilitation specialists, care partners and people with Parkinson’s disease together, each WPC creates a special venue for four days that allows for worldwide dialogue to help expedite the discovery of a cure and understand the best treatment practices for this devastating disease.”

My wife, Sheryl, and I will be in Portland and we would love to have you join us! Click the picture on the left to discover all that the Congress has to offer, reduced conference fees for people living with Parkinson’s as well as their care partners, and travel assistance. Register Here


Here is a fun way to learn about others from around the world who also live with Parkinson’s. When you purchase a Parky the Raccoon you will be assisting others with travel to the congress. You will also be put on the map and have the chance to interact with others living with Parkinson’s. It’s a fun and encouraging way to strengthen the bond that we are not in this alone! Click on Parky to learn more.



ProwerThroughProjectCommCardThe Power Through Project is an incredible opportunity to encourage physical activity and promote the World Parkinson’s Congress. I would like to welcome you to join me as me and my team ‘power through to Portland’!

In a bold and fearless action to generate a culture that embodies tenacity, the Brian Grant Foundation and World Parkinson Coalition ® invites the global community to participate in the first ever Parkinson Power Through Project: Montreal to Portland.  To encourage people living with Parkinson’s and others to exercise, the Power Through Project (PTP) will welcome a league of individuals and teams of up to 10 that will journey through a 10 segment route, converting physical activity into mileage.  Each segment, inspired by an exercise theme designed to benefit people with Parkinson’s, will offer content in an array of multimedia platforms (videos, blogs, articles, images and cultural biographies) to motivate, entertain, and educate participants. To complete the PTP, teams will accumulate 100 hours of physical activity, and cover 3,000 virtual miles from Montreal, Canada, home of the WPC 2013, to Portland, Oregon, USA, home of the WPC 2016. What better finish line to a life-changing project, than the 4th World Parkinson Congress held in Portland, Oregon, USA.

This soul-searching journey will harness globally driven action and incorporate a mass amount of mental, physical and spiritual well-being. The PTP will engage those facing Parkinson’s daily, educate those who are unaware of the realities of Parkinson’s, and will connect the community with a common goal and common challenge: to Power Through.

The Power Through Project (PTP) community is actualized both digitally and tangibly as an unyielding and unbreakable platform of support.  Although exercise is beneficial for everyone, research shows that physical fitness – strength, flexibility, balance, and stamina – are especially important for improving the quality of life of those who live with Parkinson’s. Regrettably, a vast majority of the estimated 10 million people living with Parkinson’s do not have a structured exercise program to follow, leaving them alone to figure out how to ultimately take advantage of the benefits of this medicine… In the case of Parkinson’s…exercise is medicine!

Utilizing the interactive PTP digital web based platform, participants will sign up for the Project by creating a profile that virtually positions them in Montreal, home of the last World Parkinson Congress. Users will log any form of physical activity that will be converted into miles, and measured in distance. As participants progress along the journey to the West Coast, they will constantly receive new chapters of the PTP exercise and nutrition curriculum, unlock special rewards, achieve milestone badges, and socially connect with a global community that will soon become family.

The PTP will leverage a long-term commitment, which reveals an unprecedented and sustainable momentum, of life gratification, milestone achievement, and an appreciation for our individual health and lifestyle. (From the Power Through Project website)

WPC_BloggerPartner_logo_300dTim Hague Sr. is an author, internationally sought after professional speaker and Winner of The Amazing Race Canada season #1. Tim was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease at the age of 46. He hails from Winnipeg Canada where he resides with his wife and children. For event bookings or to learn more about Tim go to www.TimSr.ca.