I have always loved running. I had run for years but it took a significant hit when I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s robbed me of a lot of my ability. However, in the last few months I have decided to take it up again.
Recently I found myself having misjudged the distance and ended up down an unfamiliar, unlit path well after dark. Struggling to see I laboured with an unsteady gait on an uneven, potted path.
“Why am I doing this?”
I found myself seriously questioning my sanity (And, that of those who say they love me and let me out on my own after dark!)
What can we do when we find ourselves down a dark, black path of our own making? Here are 2 suggestions you may find helpful.

I had decided to go for my long run in a city I’ve visited occasionally but had never run in. I thought I had mapped my route out fairly well but did not anticipate ending up away from the main road near a dark ship yard. Having found myself in this predicament and realizing that I would have been hard pressed to explain where I was at even if I were to call my wife, I made the decision that I would keep going.

Perseverance: ‘To carry on in your course of action, even in the face of difficulty’

We all like to celebrate the wins in life. The irony is that we can’t celebrate the victory of coming through the darkness without first going through the dark. Though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death…we keep going.

The irony is that we can't celebrate the victory of coming through the darkness without first going through the dark. Click To Tweet

But why was I here in the first place?

I had always said that I was a runner because I was running from the heart disease that plagued my father. Little did I know that it would in fact be his little noted Parkinson’s that I would be trying to stay ahead of.

Excellent medical management of my PD has calmed the cramps I had been experiencing thus I find I am once again in the position to take advantage of the opportunity to run.  I find myself down this dark, poorly lit path because I have been bold (crazy?) enough to believe that I can take advantage of this opportunity in the middle of winter, in Winnipeg, to run another half marathon.

Take Every Advantage skill #5 in my book Perseverance

You see the cramps are gone now. The opportunity has presented itself now in the middle of winter. I have chosen to press the advantage…now. So, my daughter, Jordana, and I are training for the Hypothermic ½ marathon on February 17th.

And, yes, I’m finding it a bit much. In truth, I’m not entirely sure I’m going make it. I have to figure out my medication management while running the long runs. But no matter what I will carry on; I will press the advantage. You see I’ve learned that when I do, that even in the dark, scary places, I can find the courage to keep going…to persevere.

Barely moving I ran out of the dark and finished that run discovering that no matter what I’ve already found my first win. Sometimes, even though the road is dark and we can scarcely see, we need to press the advantage and persevere. Two key points you can use in your personal battle.

If you find yourself down an unfamiliar, unlit path today find the strength to press the advantage and persevere. The sun will come out and there is a win waiting for you!

Live Your Best!


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