Why Choose Tim Sr. ?

hague_0021“It is not about winning all the time.  It is about choosing to Live Your Best.  This means having the strength to give your best and the courage to be satisfied with what your best produces… because you can do more than you think you can, and you never know where your best will take you.”  – Tim Hague Sr. Live Your Best.

‘Live Your Best’ is the focus that Tim emphasizes with his audience. This compelling message transcends the differences in his listeners, and is pertinent to many aspects of their lives. In his presentations, Tim uses personal anecdotes, life lessons and the wisdom of experience to weave a story for his audience. He speaks about his personal journey from being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease at a young age, to the triumph of his experience winning The Amazing Race Canada. Tim also goes beyond these aspects of his life to connect with his audience on a personal level. He speaks from a relatable perspective that captivates their awe and attention. The message that Tim delivers is different because he is not telling everyone that they need to ‘win’ all the time to be happy; he instead is encouraging them at a minimum to simply ‘do their best’. It is a relatively straightforward concept, but can truly change one’s perspective on how they approach challenges and how to persevere.

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