A Conversation with My Newly Diagnosed Self

      William J Braddock   You’re screwed. Okay, maybe that’s not the way I would start the conversation but it would be very tempting. That is an awfully tough way to start a conversation though. Furthermore, it may not be true for you as a person newly diagnosed...

Run to #UTurnPD

I have always loved running. I had run for years but it took a significant hit when I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s robbed me of a lot of my ability. However, in the last few months I have decided to take it up again. Recently I found myself...

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My eTalk Interview: Parkinson’s, The Amazing Race, and Life

Between Parkinson's and the Amazing Race Canada, everything has changed for me. Recently, I was interviewed by eTalk about my diagnosis and the journey that followed. Despite Parkinson's, and because of it, many positive things happened in my life. Find out more by...

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2019 – It’s a great year so far!

Happy New Year! It was an incredible 2018! As I look back over the year I am amazed at all that has transpired. I had the opportunity to travel and speak in Nicaragua and Nepal, from Los Angeles to Louisiana and all across Canada. In addition to appearing on Canada’s...

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Accept Limits

Live Your Best Lesson 3: Accept Limits Contentment. The word alone can produce a ripple of frus­tration in my soul: I imagine a quiet peacefulness that’s at odds with what I often feel my life to be. I’ve known people who seem to inhabit that kind of space, and I’ve...

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Perseverance: On the Line Podcast Interview

Recently I was interviewed by Joseph Planta in the Podcast On the Line at TheCommentary.ca. Our discussion on the podcast ranges from my experience, to my book, and how I forged my own own path in the face of Parkinson's. You can listen to the full podcast on The...

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Understand the Nature of Luck

Live Your Best Lesson 2: Understand the Nature of Luck You just might get lucky—and that’s not being trite. During our race, Lady Luck showed up a number of times on our behalf. As I’ve said before, it’s those who stay in the race who so often seem to get lucky. I can...

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Coffee with Tim: join Tim weekly on YouTube as he chats about his experience of Parkinson’s, how he continues to persevere and the ups & downs of everyday life. 

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